“Okay then, here we are at last. The time is nearly upon us. In a move of incredible intuition that I take all the credit for, we have compiled a downloadable album that works as both a SAMPLER of the day and your TICKET. Here’s how it works: Your download of this record will require you to enter your email address in order to pay through your paypal account, by doing this you we will be able to keep hold of your email until the day where we can tick you off at the door and stamp you. So by paying a measly seven pounds for this record you’re actually paying for two things: some music and the gig itself. All you will need on the day is your email address to tell us. We’ll also be accepting at the door of course, but anyways. I hope this is all clear to you. Have a listen, download, enjoy and see you on the 21st! ”


So to be clear – BUY SAMPLER FOR £7 OR £5 ON THE DOOR



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